Our Philosophy

Our Story

Founded by 25-year PR and marketing veteran Kerri Milam, Depth Public Relations leverages maturity, experience and perspective to help businesses build reputation, create preference for their products and services and increase sales opportunities.

You cannot acquire experience by making experiments. You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.

Now entering its fourteenth year, DepthPR arrived on the scene at the height of the US housing bubble — a bubble that would burst mere months later, laying waste to entire economies and turning the mortgage industry on its head. Yet where others saw only adversity, Milam saw an opportunity to roll up her sleeves and serve her clients at their time of greatest need. Under her guidance, DepthPR not only weathered the storm, but thrived in spite of it — and emerged a bit wiser for the wear.

When the job is complex and a successful outcome is critical, we all look to professionals — whether attorneys, accountants, airline pilots, or doctors — for their expertise. Smart business leaders entrust the delicate work of strategic communications to experienced practitioners like those at Depth Public Relations.

Our Mission

DepthPR’s driving goal is to influence the way people think about and respond to our clients’ businesses. Our mission is to produce outstanding value and indisputable ROI for each and every one of our clients.

Our Values

We achieve best what we value most. The values that define DepthPR are:

  • Depth of thinking and perception
  • Articulate, relevant, and timely communication
  • Mind-altering influence
  • Unrelenting respect for our clients’ business objectives
  • Passion for the profession we practice and the professionals with whom we work

Our Approach

Our mission and values can be crystallized into a single word that defines our approach: depth. Depth is the first of our core values and the underlying principle on which we created our business. Our strategies and campaigns are driven by depth of understanding, depth of collaboration and depth of impact to influence the way people think about our clients, and we extend the value of our traditional PR service offerings by applying a deep understanding of contemporary media channels and social media strategies.

Who We Are

Experience and education run deep in our compact, focused, and efficient firm. We understand the mortgage technology industry from end to end, and we bring together the synergies of our complementary roster of clients to supercharge the value of your public relations consulting.